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Wrong hi fat hand feeding given to cockatiel

I got my new albino cockatiel. Approx four months but it still hand feeds and I learned the breeder took him at one week and gave him a21 which is for African greys and has 15 percent fat versus 9 which is right for cockatiel chicks. So he doesn’t fly well like not enough muscle […]

weight gain

I have a 25 year old female lilac crown amazon parrot and she has gained weight in the last year. We’ve had her on a diet but she seems to cycle with the weight even though we’ve been feeding her about the same amount of food and diet. Is this normal?

Health Nutrition

What’s a good food to feed cocktails. Is there certain kinds not to feed them

Baby Lovebird

Hi, My 4 weeks old Lovebird babies reluctant to take the hand feed formula. If I forced to feed it, the babies vomit out the formula. What shall I do now?

Conure hatchling

First time parents for both humans and birds. The first egg has hatched. What are the next steps? Do I need to change their diet? Is there something else I need to get to help the birds and babies? They do have a nesting box


Hi. Thank you for all your knowledge and help. I have a question about millet. Like any birds, ours absolutely love millet. We only give it to them to train and reward. They are on a pellet/veggie/seed diet. We love our tiels very very much. For Christmas, we would love for them to just pig […]

Sunflower Seeds

Is it safe to give our cockatiels sunflower seeds? I’ve read yes in moderation and I’ve no not safe.

Parrot lorry feeding

I give a lory 3 different pieces every day, such as a piece of apple, a piece of pear, and a piece of cauliflower. Is this adequate nutrition for him or is it too much? With the presence of food Almhss him.

Unsure when and how much

I am unsure when to feed my cockatiel and how much of the formula to feed him. I am not sure how old he is but the person I purchased him from said I should feed him with formula for about two weeks more and then give him seed and water. How much of the […]

Grey nutrition

Is there a major difference nutrition wise between a Timneh and a Congo? We now have both

Honey Wheat Bread

Hi, I had previously asked if our cockatiels could have whole wheat bread. I was told they could in a moderate amount. We tried and now realize they don’t like whole wheat. I have compared the nutrition chart of whole wheat and honey wheat. Carbs and Cholesterol are identical. Our tiels love honey wheat(which is […]

Cockatiel baby

My one month cockatiel baby is not taking feed….not eating anything. Pls suggest.

Chamomile Tea

Is it safe to give our cockatiel chamomile tea and if so how much and how often. Thank you

Scrambled Eggs

Can tiels have scrambled eggs with their pellet/vegetable/seed diet?

Pellets – Lamb webinar

I keep hearing about how heat treated pellets cause inflammation, but cannot find a good source to explain that. Thoughts?


Will bloodwork indicate if the bird’s diet is nutritionally complete?

About food

Can Guilden finch die if fed watercress my daughter had her young one on its own it was only small and the last thing she gave it was watercress I also said that they have tiny hearts and can die of sudden loud noise aswell am I right

Lory parrot care تفيز ببغاء اللوري

ماهي الاطعمة التي اقدمها لتفيز طاير اللوري للتزاوج وما هو مقدرا الفواكة والخضار الي نقدمها لهم ؟ وماهي خلطة الحبوب المناسبة لهم وكم المقدار اليومي لهم What are the foods that I offer to encourage a Lory to mate? What is the value of the fruits and vegetables that we offer them? What is the […]


Endless debate about the merits of seeds vs. pellets (as opposed to providing chop which appears less controversial). My tiel is 19 and for the last 3 years has displayed excess thirst and watery droppings but no other symptoms and was raised on both; kidney disease etiology? Appears to be no consensus.


I have a new sun conure . I was wondering if you still give samples for them. So that I can tell what they may like?

Feeding problems

Hi i have a Jenday he flew away from somewhere. Got him for 3 months now but but sruggling with food. He dnt wanna eat fruits or veggies. He only want sunflower seeds nd i really dnt want him to have it. Please can u insist me in this matter. Thank u Nelie


What is the best bedding for a cockatoo? Are extruded pine pellets safe for the bird?

parakeets eating eggs

my parakeets lay two eggs so far an each one was broken i read some of the thoughts u share about a balance diet. i have put some of the food that u listed to help with her diet. ? should i still leave her to lay the egg to see if she will change […]


Hello I plan on acquiring a kakariki baby in a few weeks and I am beginning to prepare things for him. What would be the best pellet for him? I see cockatiel and then food for budgies/parakeets in the traditional sense but nothing specifically geared for kakariki. I also plan on feeding avi-cakes and fresh […]


I’ve read that malnutrition is a major problem for parrot health. What are the best diet / food combinations?

convert from ZuPreem

I just re-homed a 31 year old Umbrella cockatoo that has been on ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor for an unknown period of time. I have added Nutri-Berries which he picks out and drops. He tastes each piece he picks up and seems to only eat certain bits of the ZuPreem along with fruit. He is also […]

Pellet crumbles/dust

My caique pulverizes her pellets into a dust. Is she actually consuming enough when she does this and getting the nutrition that she needs? Is this common?


Hi…I have a patient that apparently is picking the seeds out of the Nutriberries and Avicakes and not eating the filler material. The owner is sure that is causing some weight loss. Any ideas or suggestions?


My cockatiel is 1 and a half months old, what should we feed him other than the original formilla, we tried to feed him cucumbers,boild eggs, fresh water with some bread, seeds, he doesnt eat it what should we do to make him eat? Thank you for reading this.


What do parakeets eat my dad is going one and I want to be prepared

Handfeeding a baby Mynah.

Hi, I’ve a few questions regarding handfeeding baby mynah. It was rescued and passed to us, but we’re quite new to this, and need some guidance. 1) It has been with us for a week now. Not sure how old it is, but it’s starting to fly (and seems to have quite complete feathers). The […]

Safe foods & teaching a parrot

I try to Google Bird safe foods and often the internet gives conflicting information. For example, some sites say radishes are safe for birds others say not to feed the birds radishes. I would love a comprehensive list of bird safe foods from a qualified avian resource. I belong to a Facebook group that shows […]


Why my 3 months parrot eating a lot and what can I do to stop him .


I buy your nutriberries for my parakeets all the time.. THEY LOVE IT! But I have noticed that there are more available for parrots than there for parakeets… Will it be ok for me to feed them the parrot berries which are more available than the parakeets nutriberries?



How Long Does the First Molt for a Cockatiel Last?

My Cockatiel is now 6 months old and has started his first molt about a month and a half ago. Although he has lost and grown a good amount of feathers, it seems as though he just stopped halfway through his molt. I bought him from a breeder and he was clipped, I notice that […]

What do I do if my cockatiel doesn’t eat fresh fruit and vegetables?

My cockatiel is now 1 year old. She eats Lafeber parakeet pellets, as well as Nutriberries. She also eats some occasional seeds, nuts, and millet spray as treats. Her favorite by far are the pellets. I read and was advised by the veterinarian that my cockatiel should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I made […]


What fruits and veggies are safe for my cocktail to eat? Every time we eat anything she has to try it. What foods do I need to avoid so she does not get sick?

Senegal diet

Hi, what food would you recommend for a 2 year old senegal parrot? thanks 🙂

Vitamin D

Hiii so my question is what to do when your bird has a lack of calcium and vit D ? I heard we can smash an egg and given it ! Can that work ?

eclectus baby

when do i stop feeding the eclectus baby? is it 12 weeks or more? At what age do i introduce solid foods or fruits to weaned baby? When will they try to fly? at which month?

Size food

Hello, we are picking up our 9 week old Quaker next week and I had ordered the parrot daily food (green label) and we’ll as the nutrition berries and avi cakes. Just making sure I ordered the right size of food Thanks !


My African grey eats mixed vegetables 2 times a day, some rice, calcium nutri berries and African grey pretty bird. Also just about what the family eats too. Sometimes the poop is brown and runny why can I give my bird to regulate him? I worked at Niles Animal Hospital years ago,


Hi, My cocktails doesn’t eat anything except for Foxtail millet & sunflower. I get them Mixed seeds as well while they only consume the foxtail millet leaving the rest. Can you pls suggest how to make them eat veggies, fruits & other edible items… Also the female doesn’t show any interest in mating while the […]

in shell almonds

Hi! I have a 22 yr old sun conure. He loves to eat in shell almonds as a part of a treat and foraging all day. He averages 6 almonds per day or sometimes more. Is this a safe amount? I didn’t know if almonds would affect liver function, health, etc of a bird his […]

Same nutriberries for Lovebirds, and DYH Amazon?

I want to buy a variety of nutriberries but, I can only find the garden veggie variety in “parrot food” size. Is there a difference in the sizes? Can I give my lovebirds the “parrot food” size, as well as my DYH Amazon?


I’ve got a blue fronted Amazon that is crazy about pistachio nuts, probably eats 5-6 of them a day. At 27 years (approximately) of age ir would be difficult at best to get him off of this treat.

Picky Parrot Webinar – Lovebird weight/dried veggies,fruits

How about a healthy weight for a cute lovebird, please? 🙂 Yoshi the lovebird shakes his head (literally) at any damp food, even after blotted with a papertowel. What about dehydrating fruits and veggies? Is that a good substitute for fresh chop? We have a nice dehydrator gathering dust anyway…haha! THANKS

Picky Parrot Webinar – Pellets

I feed my lovebird Lafeber’s Nutri-berries (with papaya, pineapple, & mango) on a daily basis. [In addition he receives fresh produce, oatmeal, and almonds.] Kiwi picks apart the Nutri-berry, eating all the seeds and fruit, but leaves the pellets untouched. I’ve tried fruit-flavored pellets, but he wouldn’t eat those either. Any suggestions?

Picky Parrot Webinar – toxic foods/weaning Amazon

is it true avocado can kill an Amazon parrot? what other fruits/vegetables are forbidden? how do i teach a 2 months and a half Amazon to eat pellets and other seeds? i am trying to teach her how to drink water and eat the formula by herself

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