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When should I wean baby bird?

I have an approx 8 week old Rainbow Lorikeet that i handraised on formula. He/she is almost fully featherered except the tail and back of neck. He readily accepts syringe feeding and is confused when i offer him any solid food, rather mostly just spitting it/not even taking the food. Is this normal behaviour? also […]

Cocktail bird lay eggs without a mate

Hello, Sorry to be annoying again but I have a question related to cocktail bird . I take care of my friends birds she have two female cocktail. two months ago , one of them make strange movements sit on the bottom of the cage in one corner and raising their tail and make different […]

Diet for my kakariki

Hi! I hope you’re well. I have a few questions regarding providing my bird with the best and most nutritional diet possible. He is 2 and a half years old, and has been on a seed diet most his life with daily fresh fruits and vegetables. Recently, I have tried to convert him to Harrison’s […]

My cockatiel is always sad

4 month ago i got a cocktail, i didn’t know how old was he, but as his look it was like 3 month, so i feed him cerelac as he was so young but he got used to it and when i changed his food he always look so starving no matter what i feed […]

Feeding collagen

my female green check conure likes to have a small amount of ancient nutrition multi collegen. is collegen healthy for parrots? should I sprinkle some on their food?

Small birds diet

What are the best foods to feed Budgies and Cockatiels – pellets, seeds, nutraberries, Avi-Cakes, Nutra-An, millet for bribes and of course water?

Kidney diet – Dr. Lamb Webinar Sept 16

It is difficult to find info online regarding changes that should be made to the diet for a bird with kidney issues. Can you advise dietary changes? Also, since bird kidneys are different than human kidneys, does dietary advice for people with kidney disease have relevance for birds?

Pellet size

What size pellet should I use for a Gallah cockatoo?

Wild Bird Feed

We have sunflowers in our flower garden. Is it safe to put a sunflower head out for our cockatiels? If so, do we have to prepare in any special way?

Mixing pellet diet and vegetables for parrots

From expert Parrot advice on 70% pellet diet 30% vegetables and fruit diet, can I feed pellets for 5 days of the week and mixed veggies/fruits for 2 days of the week? Its much easier for logistical purposes for me.

Feeding kakariki

Are nutri berries and seed enough to feed my kakariki do I need to include anything else to keep her healthy

for health problem

I have a couple of question about my African grey parrot and the questions are; My parrot is only eating unsalted sunflower seeds, is this normal? Another thing is that my parrot has plucked all his feathers off and now isnt allowing them to grow back, is this a problem or does this happen with […]

Ghost peppers

Can an African Grey safely eat raw ghost peppers?


How do I introduce fresh foods and fruit to my parakeets?

Diamond doves and nutri berries

Hello, my avian vet recently told me to feed one of my diamond doves with nutri berries as he is being difficult to convert to Harrison’s lifetime superfine pellets. I bought the classic nutriberries bucket and give the nutri berries crushed so he can eat them. But I notice he does not eat everything perhaps […]

Fresh foods Behavior

Are fresh raw white sweet potatoes chopped safe for a baby 8 mos. old green cheeked Conure safe for him to eat? Also we are having some behavior/ taming issues with thIS Conure. Nipping when we first got him 3 months ago, but he now lets us in his cage to change food & water. […]

Cockatiel diet

So we have our first cockatiel, Tootles. Our 4 month old beauty is so sweet and fits into our family wonderfully. We want to make sure she is getting the best nutrition possible. We are feeding her Kaytee Forti-diet pro health. She is picky and is not eating fresh fruits and veggies. She will occasionally […]


my baby cockatiel will not stop crying for formula and she is 8-9 weeks. i am trying to ween her off and she will not eat her pellets and is only eating millet. i don’t know what to do anymore, and i keep feeding her when she cries because i’m worried she’s starving. i need […]


Hi I’m Ruben here regarding my pet cockatiel is not trying any new fruits or vegetables. I’m just feeding her formula she’s about 8 weeks old and she only spray millet in a week 3 times . Feeding spray millet everyday is it bad for health? Please give me some tips on how to make […]

Follow up to: hvad about the ones which has manly seed in the diet

Hello. (Own cockatiels and budgies) You answered my last question that you need to make sure the there is a sufficient amount of amino acids like lysine and methionine in the diet. I give pallets and some fresh veggies sometime IF they want it, and normally not som much. Give eggs, Deadlines, vitamin, they have […]

I am in need of better diet for my budgies

Hello, I noticed your products for budgies and I thought they were really amazing but since you can’t ship them to my country I was wondering if you can help me find a replacement even if close since I have four budgies and I want them to live long, I used to feed them a […]

Feeding eggs to parrots.

I saw on a post on the website by a person named BRENDA that she approved the feeding of eggs to parrots. Now, to my knowledge that is dangerous. Veterinarians now are NOT recommending eggs due to parrots dying from STROKES because they were routinely fed eggs. My present avian vet, Dr. Paul Welch, described […]

Green Naped Lorikeet

Hi Brenda, I have a pair of Green Naped Lorikeet, aged around 6 months ++ old. The parrots loves to munched sweet corns and red apples only. They refused to take dry food such as fruit pellets, breads or millets. I’m worried about their nutrition insufficient. What shall I do, to persuades them to take […]

How many Nutriberries tropical

Hi. I am trying to work out the cost of feeding my African grey these. If he was fed these exclusively how many a day would he need? And also how many are in a 1.36kg bag? Kind regards

Budgie diet

My budgies will only eat seed and millet. I cant get them to try any other foods. They aren’t tamed either so its much harder. How do I get them to try fruits and veggies?


The nutriberries are getting too hard. Can they be softened up somehow?

Feeding budgies

Till now my budgies only liked to eat millet, Spinach leaves, cilantro and sprouts. I tried to give them different fruits, and even seed mixtures but they didn’t seem to like it. Since monsoon begun here they are not eating their regular veggies too. What can I do?


Could u give me some advice on healthy diet for budgies I give seed and bits broccoli celery but I’ve read seeds are bad thanks

Nutriberries Allergy?

Hi. I recently adopted a rescue Senegal Parrot who has a problem with feather loss. He scratches quite a bit and has patches of only downy feathers. He was taken to a vet by prior owners and they did not find evidence of illness. The one constant in his diet, as reported by both prior […]

Pellet conversion

Hi! I got a new baby cockatiel from a breeder direct. The breeder believed in feeding seeds only, and I got her about 3 weeks after she weaned off of formula. She was initially stuck on just eating seeds, but I slowly managed to convert her. I also got her to easily eat Nutriberries. We’re […]

Fresh foods

I see birds being offered big bowls of veggies & greens, but exactly how much should be given to say an Amazon or CAG on a daily basis?


My Meyer parrots are on a Harrison’s diet. Should additional vitamins and/or minerals be added?

Cockatiel diet

What is the best food brands for cockatiels? I want to do pellets and just a few seeds, but unfortunately they reject pellets.

my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers

Hi, as i mentioned my cockatiel breaks his new wing feathers but he doesn’t pull his other feathers so it’s not a mental issue also he’s my first cockatiel and i can’t understand why.

What to feed cockatiel parents?

I’ve been searching everywhere for a concise list, however what is the ideal food to give to cockatiel parents in order to support their babies? My pair are on a mix of good quality pellets, vegetables and some seeds, however when it’s just this food in the cage they don’t seem to feed the babies. […]

What should i feed my cockatiels

Hi I’m sivan. Can you tell me a good balanced diet for my cockatiels and fruits and greens i want to know what is good for them I bought them a sea moffin i heard it was rich in calcium if you have any suggestion please let me know

Summer Diet Plan after Breeding Season

Hello Dear Lafeber, I hope this message finds you well. I really appreciate your unconditional support for birds all over the world. I seek your guidance regarding daily diet plan of my parrots (Alexanderines and Rose-ringed Indian Parakeets (around 25 pairs) after the end of breeding season and during the off-season when birds’ nest boxes […]

Cockatiel behavior

Hi there! I recently got a new female baby cockatiel 5 months ago. There are some things I want to ask. The first is diet. The breeder I got her from feeds her mainly seeds, so she got used to it. I try to get her to eat other things, but she refuses. Is that […]

Budgies Eating Dandelion Leaves

Hello! So recently I read that budgies like to eat dandelion leaves so I’ve been giving them a handful whenever I let them sunbathe outside for the past three days bc recently it got warmer, but their droppings suddenly became very black and hard. Now I’m worried that something’s wrong and I shouldn’t have given […]

how do i make my cockatiel eat seeds

My cockatiel is over 6 months old and still doesn’t eat hard things, like seeds, pellets, and vegetables. I give him pellets that I put in water to make it soft, I’m giving him that for 4 months now I’m getting tired of the wining when he doesn’t get the pellets, I tried giving him […]

Fish oil capsules

Hello! This question is directed toward Dr. Lamb about her cardiovascular disease webinar. You mentioned that you use fish oil (from capsules) for your birds, and I was wondering if you have a specific type of fish oil (e.g., general fish oil, salmon oil, etc.) and/or brand that you recommend using. Thank you!

how to freeze avicakes and nutriberries

Do you need to take them out of the packaging and put them in a freezer bag? Or the packaging can go in a freezer bag and into freezer? And how long do they keep for in freezer? Thanks for your time.

Princess of Wales bird

We have a young male Princess of Wales and are getting another one. What type of food do you recommend for Princess of Wales? You don’t have them listed. Which other parrot would you say they are closest so we can read articles that we can associate with Princess of Wales. Our vet told us […]

Parrotlet diet

Would you please talk about the pros and cons of a pelleted diet in smaller parrots like parrotlets?

Newly hatched cockatiel chicks diet, nutrition and care

I have a male and female cockatiel. 3 eggs were laid almost 3 weeks ago. And one has hatched right now. The diet of the parent cockatiels are mainly millets and seeds. They don’t enjoy fruits or vegetables much. The male cockatiel is not friendly with us but took care of the eggs most than […]

Cockatiel health

My cockatiel is 2 months old, he still hasn’t weaned yet, we try feeding him less but he still begs for the feeding formula. He is fluffed up most of the time after I give him the feed. He eats the feeding formula well though. We have another 3 month old weaned cockatiel who eats […]


When should finches feed themselves after leaving the nest how long

My IRN is scared

I recently bought a female indian ringneck , she is around 2 years old and her story is pretty sad. She was owned by an old lady that didnt take care of her , let her out of the cage most of the time with no interactions and fed her only apples. A bird lover […]

Do I have to worry about my bird getting sour crop after he’s weaned?

My cockatiel is 4-5 weeks old and I have started to wean him and its going well, so well that I’ll say that he’s gonna start eating independently after 4 or 5 days and my bond with him also deepened and not worsen like most people said it would. But I’m confused that if I […]

5 week old green cheek Conure

I removed the babies at four weeks from his mom it’s now five weeks I’ve been hand feeding formula. How much day should I be giving it. Please note it cries most of the day or at least it sounds like it’s crying and it wants to eat a lot more than 12 mL per […]

Too much or not enough?

Our Long-Billed Corella gets through about 16 Nutri-Berries a day. Plus we give a little fruit and/or veg mid-day. I see wildly varying numbers in regards to how many Nutri-Berries people give their feathered companion. Does what I’m providing sound about right for a female Corella?

Overweight Galah

I have recently (6 months) acquired a Galah, a bird I have always dreamed of having. Altho aware of their propensity to fatty tumors I have apparently overfed her and she has gained considerable weight. I feed Nutri-berries and pellets to my birds along with other healthy “stuff.” My question now is how to safely […]

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