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Growth of cockatiel Chick is very slow

i have Cockatiel Chick 10 days old, parents of the chick are taking good care of it. it is the only alive chick of the clutch of 6 eggs. it was the first clutch of the pair. my concern is that the chick is 10 days old, still its eyes are not completely open, no […]


what is the difference between the different kinds of nutri-berries

What kind of diet should I offer my breeding Cockatiels?

Hello Dear Lafebar Team, My cockatiels are already in a breeding phase, the Hen laid 2 eggs so far, All they eat is either Millet or seeds, and green leaves of carrots. I am afraid if they have their eggs hatched and still feed their chicks with this diet! Or it is healthy&normaldiet and I […]

How do I make my 3 month old cockatiel eat on his own and not depend on me?

My 3 month old cockatiel won’t eat his pellets and seeds. He still wants and cries for his formula. I was told that he is old for consuming formula. However, I’ve started feeding him mashed rice, potato, banana, broccoli and sometimes crushed almonds too. But the main problem is, he eats it through a spoon […]

how to eat pellets

I have 2budgies and a cockatiel. I give them a mix of pellets and seeds, but I don’t think they eat the pellets at all. Any suggestions on pellets for budgies and cockatiels. They won’t eat the pellets ive given them or have anything to do with fresh veggies or fruit.

Picky eater

Hi, My 2 month old cockatiel only seems to eat the tiny seeds out of his nutritional mix. He leaves everything else untouched and then screeches constantly to get more seed. Should I give him more, wait until he starts eating the rest of the seed mix or change food entirely? I also feed him […]

Lovebird feathers

Hello. A couple of questions: I have a 13 week old lovebird that still cannot fly. She has been examined by my vet and is healthy but developing her feathers slower than average. She has some malformed feathers that are not pin feathers. Would it be helpful to pull the odd feathers? Other question is […]


How do I tailor diets by species? Do senior birds need special nutrition?


we adopted a male cockatiel. he is approximately 13 yrs. old. he has recently started eating the dry poop from the bottom of the cage. what are we missing in his diet? thanks for your help


Hi is it ok to mix seeds with pellets I. The same feeding bowl I have a separate one for fresh food

How much to feed

If you measure your parrot’s food precisely (e.g., in tablespoons), does it mean the bird has to eat 100% of the food not to starve?

African Grey treats

My CAG loves dry corn and grapes as treats, and I’ve read those can be awful when they are hormonal–maybe because of the starch? Do I need to restrict those treats? Thank you!


If an Amazon is regurgitating food, should he eat more?

How many Nutriberries for a kakariki?

Hello! I’ve recently transitioned my kakariki (66 grams, female, 3 yrs old) to Nutriberries as she’s been a seed junkie since before she came to me. Now, I’m free feeding a small amount of seeds along with fresh veggies and fruit daily, and Nutriberries. I’m wondering how many Nutriberries is appropriate for her, scientifically speaking? […]


if i try to forage training with my birds they just don’t get it so they just don’t eat I’ve tried wrap food in paper it just sits there tried forage boxes same thing

Eating / Diet

My 5 month old Yellow Head Amazon Parrot, is not swallowing his pellets or seeds instead he is nibbling on them. I tried the formula again but he is resisting that also.

Umbrella Cockatoo has laid an egg

I watched your Webinar last week and asked a question about our Cockatoo. It didn’t get answered, but the situation has changed…. Original question: 23 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo.  She has been with us just 12 months.  Everytime she is with me she is “huffy” – if you get what I mean.  She will […]


Do you think lory and lorikeet can be fed properly in captivity? Can commercial food replace natural food at all? This is not just a different grain, but a completely different food.

Seed nutrition

What are the healthiest seeds to feed our birds? I know sunflower seeds are bad for them, but what seeds are considered “good” or “better”?

Timneh diet

I recently rescued a four-year-old Timneh that comes from a tough background. The biggest struggle right now is getting him switched over to a healthy veggie and pellet diet. He is underweight already and I’m concerned about him dropping more weight while we attempt to get him to eat healthier. Do you have any advice […]

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