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There seems to be some debate within the companion parrot community about protein in the diet, with some claiming that protein deficiency is a major and prevalent concern (many add mealworms and other insects to the diet) while others claiming that an excess of dietary protein leads to renal disorders. My understanding has been that […]

Handfed baby refusing food but not seed

Hi ! I have a 5 weeks old cockatiel, that was pulled out of the nest at 4 weeks ½. The mother stopped feeding him and started plucking his feather. Hes been eating well since then but today he kept refusing the seringe. We put a branch of millet and a small bowl of water […]

Weaning a cockatiel

We got our cockatiel a week ago and was told he was weaned on pellets, but was still giving 1 evening feed to help bonding to new owners. At first he wouldn’t eat by himself at all, he is now eating by himself but am having to give him thick formula, with soft foods morning […]

Stressed bird?

Hi! I just got my African grey parrot about 1 month and a half ago and she seems very happy, she talks a lot, she just started dancing, she eats good amount of seed mix and fruits/vegetables, her feathers are very smooth and intact but today she lost one of her tail feathers. Do you […]

Over feeding

Can my Kakariki eat too much he never stops eating should I take his dish out ocasionly


Hello. I have an african grey that is approximately 66 days old. He is not eating the formula properly. I did try giving him a very tiny portion of a fruit which he nibbles slightly. Another reason that justifies his improper eating is the half filled crop. Please guide me on this

new budgie owner

Im just curious about feeding my budgie. I have ordered your pellets’, seeds, and nutriberries. am I supposed to offer them all ? like in three separate little bowls around the cage? or are nutriberries more so like a treat. I’ve never owned a bird and to be honest, I know nothing about them. so […]

What is wrong with a parrot being hormonal

I might be missing something: if a “hormonal” (euphemism!) bird is well behaved, gentle and a delight, why would this be a problem? I wouldn’t like it if someone took away or discouraged my “hormonality” and don’t necessarily agree that “hormonality” is bad in a companion bird. What am I missing? (I don’t understand why […]


The nutriberries harden after a week or so is there a way to store them so they stay softer?

Weaning a cockatiel

My cockatiel is still wanting to eat formulas I have soaked seed and egg and biscuit and normal seed in his cage but he still wants to be fed, pretty sure hes eating a little bit of seed

Nuts for birds

I have two Meyer Parrots. They love to eat nuts, especially Almonds and Pistachios. What is the proper amount to feed them daily.

Conure not taking solid food?

I have a 4-5mth old green cheek conure that’s recently weaned. He’s eating all kinds of cooked soft food (veggies, grains etc.) but seems to only be drinking the liquid and not swallowing the contents. He’s underweight to begin with as he’s been treated for infection for 2months, and now with his “selective liquid diet” […]

Eating fruit and veggies

My cockatiel is nearly 5 months old but he does not want to eat fruit or veggies. Sometimes he will nibble on broccoli.

Chili de Arbol

I have a Citron Cockatoo about 39 yrs. old. She wants to eat chili de arbol constantly. Are they toxic? Addictive? Harmful to her? After reading the article about the cockatoo that only wants to eat corn, I am concerned that it is harmful to her because it seems she is experiencing hallucinations to things […]

Organic & Natural food

New born clutch parrots are often fed parrot formula. Any other alternative organic or natural means of food can be given instead?

Balanced daily nutrition

Too many commercial brands in the market. Any recommendations on which one ideally suits most parrots and preferably used by breeders?


Good day. We have a 3 month old African Grey parrot. I am not sure what the brand is, but she eats a formula in the form of baby food twice a day which amounts to 40ml. She also eats bird food such as seeds. Once again, not sure what it’s called. We would like […]

Loose droppings

If a bird´s poop is changed to be more loose and more fluid than normal. Do it help if I only give pellets and water for some days and skip the vegetables. Is probiotic good to use in those cases?

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