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Size food

Hello, we are picking up our 9 week old Quaker next week and I had ordered the parrot daily food (green label) and we’ll as the nutrition berries and avi cakes. Just making sure I ordered the right size of food Thanks !


My African grey eats mixed vegetables 2 times a day, some rice, calcium nutri berries and African grey pretty bird. Also just about what the family eats too. Sometimes the poop is brown and runny why can I give my bird to regulate him? I worked at Niles Animal Hospital years ago,


Hi, My cocktails doesn’t eat anything except for Foxtail millet & sunflower. I get them Mixed seeds as well while they only consume the foxtail millet leaving the rest. Can you pls suggest how to make them eat veggies, fruits & other edible items… Also the female doesn’t show any interest in mating while the […]

in shell almonds

Hi! I have a 22 yr old sun conure. He loves to eat in shell almonds as a part of a treat and foraging all day. He averages 6 almonds per day or sometimes more. Is this a safe amount? I didn’t know if almonds would affect liver function, health, etc of a bird his […]

Same nutriberries for Lovebirds, and DYH Amazon?

I want to buy a variety of nutriberries but, I can only find the garden veggie variety in “parrot food” size. Is there a difference in the sizes? Can I give my lovebirds the “parrot food” size, as well as my DYH Amazon?


I’ve got a blue fronted Amazon that is crazy about pistachio nuts, probably eats 5-6 of them a day. At 27 years (approximately) of age ir would be difficult at best to get him off of this treat.

Picky Parrot Webinar – Lovebird weight/dried veggies,fruits

How about a healthy weight for a cute lovebird, please? 🙂 Yoshi the lovebird shakes his head (literally) at any damp food, even after blotted with a papertowel. What about dehydrating fruits and veggies? Is that a good substitute for fresh chop? We have a nice dehydrator gathering dust anyway…haha! THANKS

Picky Parrot Webinar – Pellets

I feed my lovebird Lafeber’s Nutri-berries (with papaya, pineapple, & mango) on a daily basis. [In addition he receives fresh produce, oatmeal, and almonds.] Kiwi picks apart the Nutri-berry, eating all the seeds and fruit, but leaves the pellets untouched. I’ve tried fruit-flavored pellets, but he wouldn’t eat those either. Any suggestions?

Picky Parrot Webinar – toxic foods/weaning Amazon

is it true avocado can kill an Amazon parrot? what other fruits/vegetables are forbidden? how do i teach a 2 months and a half Amazon to eat pellets and other seeds? i am trying to teach her how to drink water and eat the formula by herself

Picky Parrot webinar – weight/foraging

should we try to weigh them daily to make sure they are not loosing weight if they are getting picky ? “I’ve not brought any forraging items, do you have anything there that you could show us how you hide something? (my conure is more fearful of different things)” so timothy hay is ok to […]

Picky Parrot webinar – feeding chop

Hello, I’m trying really hard to make my African Grey to eat her chop, also adding some crushed pellets and things that she likes but it doesn’t work… as she has her pellets bowl always available… should I not give her her pellets in the morning? I don’t want her to starve… thanks!

Picky Parrot Webinar – feeding greens

Thank you so much for these helpful and informative webinars! 🙂 Is it ok to feed raw swiss chard, raw kale and raw dandelion (all from the organic health food store) to our beloved Green Cheek Conure? She loves the raw dandelion the most? Thank you again!

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