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Zebra Finch diet

What can i feed my zebra finch when i get one? Do they need special pellets? Can they eat parrot chop? Do i give them meals or just leave the food in and take it out later? Also, how much food do you give to small birds?

Has the lifespan been updated for Green Cheek Conures?

I saw that there are Senior Nutriberries as an offering now and I don’t know if my girls are 20-year birds. When I got them ten years ago, I was told 12-15 yrs. Is 20 still the expectation or has medicine and husbandry evolved yet again before we’ve updated the “old” information?


can parrots eat hemp seed?

Green Cheek Conure

Hi, my conure has trouble eating. He does not eat as much as he’s supposed to and I’ve tried switching from his seeds diet to pellets. He does eat his pellets but rarely. I want to find food for him that he would enjoy and that would help him get better.

Balanced diet

Hello, I have a baby cockatiel that is almost 3 months old. He was handfed. Currently he’s on food that s mixed with seeds and pellets. He only eats the seeds and leaves the pellets. I’ve offer different veggies but he will not indulge. What is the best way to get him to eat a […]


How much handfeed formula should I give to my 1.5 months cockatiels baby and at what interval

Avi-Cakes & Nutri-Caked

Please explain to me what is the difference between the Avi-Cakes & the Nutri-Cakes? Does one have more in it then the other? Do they have the same taste?

How to Take Care of Budgie Eggs

Hello, We have two budgies who mated and layer seven eggs together. Tomorrow is going to be the 18th day since the first egg was laid. From researching online, the eggs generally hatch somewhere between 18-23 days if fertile, but I couldn’t find consistent results online. How long should we wait till we could deem […]

Amazon nutrition and behavior

What are the best nuts to feed parrots? Why would an amazon be interested in a mug filled with coffee or tea but ignore one with water?

Green Cheek Conures

I have 2 green cheek conures how much out of cage time do they need? Do they have to be Only on pellet diet? Should there cage be covered at night? Should green cheeks be seen every year by the vet? Can you tell genders of conures? Also should i get pet insurance for birds? […]

Drinking water

I’ve had my little budgie for 2 1/2 weeks I keep a shallow dish of water in the bottom of the cage and a dish of seed and pellets , every day I try a different fruit. The only thing he’s enthusiastic about is the seed and to my knowledge he has never had any […]

feeding blue front

How many nutri berries per day as his main food do you suggest? I’ll also give him fruit and vegetables daily. Thank you,

Swallowing her feathers

Verde is in fact eating her feathers when the molt our and I was wondering if that’s something I should worry about?


I have recently bought the ‘Parrot’ nutriberries(El Paso, Garden veggie, sunny orchard and tropical fruit varieties) in error for my 3 year old cockatiel. Are these still suitable for him? Do I need to adjust the quantities?

Egg hatched now what?

The first egg hatched! I don’t know if I show feed it yet! I bought the formula Exact Hand Feeding Formula (with OMEGA-3) and I don’t know how to use it. It says to use 92% water and 8 % for the first few days. How should I mix it in?

Can I feed my cockatiel and budgie the same pellets?

I just recently got a baby cockatiel. I have plenty of budgie pellets (since there’s 2 of them and they don’t eat as much) and for ease (since my cockatiel is already accepting the food), I’d like to feed both birds the budgie pellets. Is that ok? Are the cockatiel pellets formulated with different nutrition? […]


Hi, I read that cinnamon is healthy if you take the Ceylon, because the Chinese cassia one is to chemical. Greetings Balder

Fresh foods

My TAG is so fussy about eating veg!! What do I do?

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