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October 12, 2022


How effective is acupuncture for a bird that has osteoarthritis in the feet?


Hi Jan,

Here is a response from Dr. Tully and a colleague:

From our integrative medicine veterinarian that performs acupuncture at LSU:

“I don’t know the stats off the top of my head. We are using it with wildlife -Cricket, Sheldon, Scarlet. It’s quite effective with them. They are also taking herbal supplements.  However, we also tried it with Peaches and the owner felt there was not a lot of change. Had some improvement after the first two , but then nothing. The owner for Peaches is using an herbal supplement and Assisi Loop. I haven’t seen Peaches in a month or two, but she had medically boarded.   Cricket went from not being able to grip at all with the right foot and minimally with left, to being able to grab strongly. She still sits on her hocks, but she is holding her food and walking around the mew.”

We are using different methods to treat osteoarthritis in birds as you can see including acupuncture. As with most osteoarthritis cases we have had varying results but it is worth trying on your bird if there is a doctor willing to perform acupuncture for its condition.

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