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September 8, 2021

Adding a new bird

I have a 11 month old Cockatiel And I am thinking about getting another one how would be the best way to introduce them should I put them in the same cage together or not?


Hi Kathy,

If you get another bird, it should be as a pet for you, not because you think your bird needs a bird companion. You are the companion for your bird. If you were to put another bird in the same cage, the birds would be likely to bond and no longer want human companionship. A lot of people think their bird needs another bird for a friend, but with birds, they end up bonding as mates, even if they are the same sex. It’s not like with a domestic dog – those were bred as companions for man, and while they enjoy each other’s company, 2 dogs will still be good pets. Pet birds are a wild species, so we are replacing another bird as a companion. But once they have a bird as a companion, they almost always choose a bird over a person. Many bird owners have more than one bird, and some of their birds might get along and be allowed to interact when out of the cage. This is what you would do if you get another cockatiel. Always quarantine any new bird for 45 days before moving them to the same room as your other bird. If you decide to let them interact when out of the cage, always supervise any interaction closely.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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