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June 9, 2020

African Gray – Health Consultation

I have a cute African Grey that is happy and super active. Suddenly, we noticed since this morning abnormal thing where he becomes very quite & looks sick. I don’t know what’s happening but it is kind of flu since his voice changed like someone has sour throat.
Please we need your advise what to do 🙂 I loove him so much and we need your support. Also if you can provide us what kind of food we should feed him as well as some cool training.

Hope to hear from you soon



Hi Moe,

Birds are prey animals so when they are sick, they will try to hide signs of illness. Once they appear sick, they have often been sick for a few days. What you are describing is alarming so I would take him to an avian vet as soon as possible. Parrots have a very complicated respiratory system so anything involving that can be very serious. A vet can diagnose him and get him on the right medications. Birds do respond quickly, so if you can get him to someone today, he has a better chance for recovery.

As far as diet and training, I can give you some links, but again the important thing is to take him to an Avian Vet.

Bird Food Guide

Caring For Your Bird

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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