Bird Type: African grey

Calcium? – Dr. Lamb Webinar 3/17

how do we know when extra calcium is needed if a bird is acting hormonal? my grey is 19 years old and this is the first time she has started doing this.

Smelly poop

Hey there my african grey who is over 20 years old has had smelly poop for weeks. Vet put him on antibiotics twice didn’t work. Suggested vinegar mixed with water still no change. Need help any recommendations. Thanks.

My pet

My mum bought me an African grey parrot 1 month ago 2 both of them are babies I notice the both have cold feet and not eating well expecially the small one I Don’t know what to do. For the past 2 days the are not eating but cold and always sleeping

Grey behavior – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

why african grey will not stay on cage or playgym for long. keeps flying to my shoulder or head and whimpers when i try to put him back. 2/1/2 yrs old. good talker and don’t want to clip wings. african grey does not like me on the telephone and if i try to take him […]

Outdoor Risks – Ask the Vet Webinar Feb 24

We have a large flight cage that we are setting up inside because of outdoor diseases and animals and the weather is tough at times. what diseases should we worry if we put the greys outside during nice weather? We have a couple of cages a round tall cage and a square cage for them […]

African grey getting along

Hello, I have two CAG. Female is year old and male is 4 months old. We introduced them slowly, they didnt seem to care about each other at first and they currently have cages next to each other in our living room. At first the female was keeping her distance from him and just looking […]

Smelly poop

Hello. My 41 year old African Grey has developed poop that is a little loose and smells like bile. She eats very well and is alert, so I don’t know what this could be. She had an episode a few weeks ago when she dropped two infertile eggs and I am wondering if there is […]

African grey breeding

Hi Iam Ahmed Iam having African grey bonded pair with the DNA and also I saw them mating I think more than 5 times so it’s been 25 days that still I didn’t see them going to breeding box. So Iam confused what to do. Will they lay eggs or no. When are they gonna […]

My Female Grey

My 1 year old African Grey has started putting her butt in the air. I can’t find an explanation of why. Are you able to help me

crop stichted but leaking

my african grey parrot got stiches few days back i make him wear collar after stiches but still minor leakage from crop i’m applying antibiotics creams and powder to it for healing the stitches and cover the little leakage wound am i doing it right because i have no other way my african grey went […]

Egg tossed

My 20 yr old African greys have mated for first time and just laid first egg, however they tossed it. Is this normal?

African grey

Hi I have recently gotten an African grey he is 6 years old and really beautiful and seems healthy. I just have one concern and that is that he keep skakig his head many many times. And I know they do that sometimes when something is stuck on his beak but he does it regardless […]

Vitamins – Ask the Vet Nov 18

I know you have provided this information before but could you please advise the name of the best overall vitamin again. Also for an African Gray that shreds her tail and wind feathers. Also she does not like change, does not like when I put new things in her cage. I have to hang a […]

African Grey Egg Laying

My African Grey just laid an egg. I have read to just leave things alone for 3 weeks. I am currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy. Working with my Grey is part of the school’s program. Is it possible to still work with my Grey doing tricks and fun behaviors or is it better […]

Ask the Vet Nov 18 – Grey missing feathers

Arnie a 7month grey has still not grown back his feathers on his bald patch on his head. You thought they would grow back in six weeks. We thought it was done by a corner in the cage, but not sure now. Do you have any ideas why this 7 month old male grey has […]



Egg laying

I’ve had my CAG for 12 months and she has just produced her 15 egg. Should I have the hormonal implant for her

African Grey 7 weeks old

Hi i have 7 weeks old African grey bought it two weeks ago was hand feeding but since today it stop taking its food by syringe and shaking its head and throwing out its formula can u please help in this regard . Thanks in advance

My bird can’t fly

I have an African grey parrot who can’t seem to fly we haven’t to him out for a few months now but now it’s been a week since he is coming out of the cage and he tries to fly but always ends up falling why is this happening?

for health problem

I have a couple of question about my African grey parrot and the questions are; My parrot is only eating unsalted sunflower seeds, is this normal? Another thing is that my parrot has plucked all his feathers off and now isnt allowing them to grow back, is this a problem or does this happen with […]

Not laying after mating

I brought a pr of african greys 2 yrs this april coming they have bin mating but still no sighn of eggs what can i do

Greys that talk

Hi there, I hope you can help me, please. A friend of mine has a CAG which talks a lot. I’m not sure but I think it’s about 3 or 4 years old. She was recently given another CAG which is about a year old and very tame. She was told not to put this […]

Ghost peppers

Can an African Grey safely eat raw ghost peppers?


Hi i brought two african greys 2yrs ago next april but still no eggs or young they have bin doing the business but i carnt think whats is going on with then there on a good diet witch i give the fruit and a little veg and i put the on a pigon mix and […]

Milk thistle – Liver disease webinar Dr. Lamb

I live with several parrots (not their first home). Three of them have liver issues (blood tests) – cockatoo was put on milk thistle, Amazon was diagnosed & then taken off milk thistle, and the third, a CAG female chronic egg layer is on heart medications for an enlarged heart & even though liver was […]

Feeding eggs to parrots.

I saw on a post on the website by a person named BRENDA that she approved the feeding of eggs to parrots. Now, to my knowledge that is dangerous. Veterinarians now are NOT recommending eggs due to parrots dying from STROKES because they were routinely fed eggs. My present avian vet, Dr. Paul Welch, described […]

How many Nutriberries tropical

Hi. I am trying to work out the cost of feeding my African grey these. If he was fed these exclusively how many a day would he need? And also how many are in a 1.36kg bag? Kind regards

Gri jako African Grey

Slm.ben türkiyeden yazıyorum. 2 ay önce bir çift gri jako papagan aldım daha önce yavru vermiş Ben şu an yumurta alamadım erkek dişiyi besliyor birbirlerine kur yapıyorlar ama çiftleşmiyorlar yavru alabilmem için ne yapmalıyım. Slm. I am writing from Turkey. I bought a pair of gray jaco parrots 2 months ago, they gave offspring before […]

Fresh foods

I see birds being offered big bowls of veggies & greens, but exactly how much should be given to say an Amazon or CAG on a daily basis?

Grey behavior

I have an African Grey who loves to imitate the sound of the smoke detector alarm. Staff in the apartment I’m in checks these alarms twice a year, so there’s no chance for her to forget it. What can I do to stop the behavior? I currently cover the cage, which stops the noise until […]

African grey not very active

Hi. My African grey who is mostly active And noisy has suddenly become more on the calmer and quieter side for the past 2 days. It feeds well and the color of its droppings look normal. Should I be worried ?

African Grey

I have an African Grey 24years old by itself i the cage has never had a mate always thought it was a boy until we found eggs this year along has been thus the most she has layed over 12 eggs is this normal of should this be a sign of something wrong

African grey – health

My 15 months old Congo African Grey had red feathers on his chest and legs. However, over the last few months, he is losing his red feathers. Will his red feathers grow back? Many thanks, Monica

African Gray not producing eggs

I have African gray pairs , i am watching them via CCTV cam they are crossing properly and using teh nest box but they are not producing eggs. on the other side on same envoirment my other gray pairs are producing eggs properly and hatching please advise

My Grey is laying eggs.

Should I remove the eggs,in the past shehas broken them and eaten them,now she is trying to hatch them.

African Grey appearance

Is it normal for my African Grey’s pupils to be constantly dilated and fluffed up and preening often at 6months old? He often looked zoned out or confused we have 2 and the other doesn’t do this so I was wondering if it just his character or if something may be wrong.


I have pair of African greys male and female they are about 4 years old can they start to breeding

epileptic african grey

I picked up an african grey a few years ago in the road . After a long while she became very tame and has a wonderful, gentle nature. To my absolute dismay she has started having the most horrendous seizures and I have noticed a growth above her left eye. Please assist – i dont […]

African grey pair

I have a breeding pair of greys which have mated several times over last couple weeks. She has laid one egg 3 days ago and is sitting on it nearly all the time but will there be more eggs?

My african grey is not active and sick.

It happened yesterday 12th feb 2022, my grey was attacked by a stray cat. The cat jumped at my parrot and caught my grey with her paws but my brother quickly grabbed that cat and the cat ran away. There were no scratches or a bite, but my grey is now not active at all, […]

African grey bird

Our bird of 22 years in last few days is acting funny sitting in bottom of cage she’s not pooping in her spots my husband takes her out of cage and she poops almost instantly large amounts she eats still but only thing I can think is we had a ozinator going in a closed […]

Grey nutrition

Is there a major difference nutrition wise between a Timneh and a Congo? We now have both

CAG red nose area.

Hi,I recently adopted an young African Grey. He is about 10 weeks old now, I am hand feeding him with the help of the breeders who are my landlords so they are close by if anything goes wrong :). Recently, my parrot has developed a red area around his nostrils. The area around his eyes […]

Grooming a bird

When it comes to showering / nail trimming a rescued bird that is super duper phobic and aggressive, are these things essential to stay on top of? Or should they be skipped until the relationship is worked on? Some parrot “experts” tell me I have to force the bird to bathe /get it’s nails trimmed […]

African grey Keeps laying eggs but none hatch

I have a pair of african grey and it laid 5 eggs and after 27 days it didn’t hatch. I examined the eggs but there was no development. After 1 week it laid an egg and have 5 eggs and and after 27 days it was the the same as before now its the third […]

Sudden death of 18 year old African Grey Parrot

What kind of suddenly killed my male African gray he seem fine I woke up uncover him and he was laying in the bottom of his cage his eyes were open and his neck looked twisted around I think the supernatural things in the house did it he was under stress is there any other […]

Testing after medication

If there’s time.. I have a 17 yo timneh on numerous heart meds. Almost 2 years now. Is there any way to tell if he still needs them – could he have improved. His diet has improved and he gets fish oil daily. I’m grateful that he’s doing well.

Grey head shake

why do african greys shake their heads. Mine only does it once in a while.

Beak health

what would you recommed for overall beak health and strength in mid size birds such as greys or mini macaws during the younger years as far as diet or physical item in cage?

Sexing parrots

“I have an African Grey who is 5 years old the breeder told me she’s a female she never produced eggs. how would I know if my birds female or male. ?”

African grey laying eggs

I have two of course African grey . She just laid a egg im shock. That have been together for 7 years. She broke the first egg. What do I do, how to help? Plus does she need special food now?

Preventing breeding

Can African Grey’s be neutralized to prevent unwished breeding between siblings)


My African grey eats mixed vegetables 2 times a day, some rice, calcium nutri berries and African grey pretty bird. Also just about what the family eats too. Sometimes the poop is brown and runny why can I give my bird to regulate him? I worked at Niles Animal Hospital years ago,

Ask the Vet webinar – Grey feather destructive behavior

“This is Pat and I first want to thank you and tell everyone involved in putting this program on, how much it is loved and appreciated. I have 2 female Timneh African Grays, one about 8 and the other about 6. Just about a year ago the older one started to shred her tail and […]

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