Bird Type: African grey

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I already asked about a 4 years old male and 10 years old female greys. I already have all the requirements you mentioned and a great diet but i am confused about them getting along. I don’t mind not having him as a pet if he bonds and become capable of breeding. Given that […]

African Grey breeding couple

Hi. I have a 4 years old African grey that has beed very sexual/hormonal in the past two months so i have decided to get him a female so that he might bond with her. I know it might never happen but i dont mind trying. The female is 10 years old. Is this age […]

Talking African Grey

I have a mature very talkative African Grey My sister in law wants to give me her African Grey as she is unable to keep it. Would my African Grey stop speaking if I bring this other African Grey into our household

African Gray – Health Consultation

Hi, I have a cute African Grey that is happy and super active. Suddenly, we noticed since this morning abnormal thing where he becomes very quite & looks sick. I don’t know what’s happening but it is kind of flu since his voice changed like someone has sour throat. Please we need your advise what […]

African grey sick or not

My African grey age around 1month ++ always open its mouth like shouting loud but no sound is comingwhen it do this the neck extend like reaching something .. and frequently doing this before and after meal. Rest of the time it can still make sound and small perching sound .. shall I meet vet?

Training a Grey

what is a good way to train an african grey, I don’t want to go the rout of using food/treats to get him to do what I want.

what bird to get

Hello,what kind of bird will get along with an African grey parrot Without fighting? Can a green parrot get along with an African grey parrot? Thanks in advance for answering

Plucking Grey

My 30 year old female CAG feather plucks. Vet has no suggestions but worse she screeches for attention and hates the fact our grandkids moved in during the pandemic.

Timneh Grey behavior

I have 2 timneh grays. One is to be a female the other male. Last spring the male started shreading his back and wing feathers. He was just getting to look normal when fall came and he started all over again. Vet said he was shreading feathers to make a nest. Male is around 10 […]

African Grey treats

My CAG loves dry corn and grapes as treats, and I’ve read those can be awful when they are hormonal–maybe because of the starch? Do I need to restrict those treats? Thank you!

African Grey Behavior

I have a 25 year old male African Grey who often tries to …”mate” with my foot. Is this ever going to stop? Do they outgrow these hormones at a certain age?

Blindness in Grey

Over 2 years my grey has gone gradually blind in stages. She is now totally blind, and three vets have no idea why. The final stage was hyphema which finished the sight completely. She eats well, and still talks and is active. I bought her in Africa, have had her over 30 years but have […]

Timneh diet

I recently rescued a four-year-old Timneh that comes from a tough background. The biggest struggle right now is getting him switched over to a healthy veggie and pellet diet. He is underweight already and I’m concerned about him dropping more weight while we attempt to get him to eat healthier. Do you have any advice […]

Grey behavior towards other birds

We got our African Gray as a rescue; he sees all of our other birds as prey, especially our Parrotlet and our cockatiels and our lovebird. He even challenges our Eclectus! Anything we can do to help him be less aggressive?

Cant crush food

Hi my 6 month old african grey cant break down his food. We only got him 2 days ago and realised when he goes to his seeds he throws them everywhere and the one he gets just rolls round his beak, he cant break it down and then spits in out. Last night he was […]

UV Lights

Do you recommend UV lights for hormonal and plucking issues?

Odd feather

Does Athena have a medical or nutritional issue (the red feather on her chest is why I ask)?


How often do the birds talk to each other?


That’s a big beak! Has one of your greys ever tried to bite you and if so, how do you handle it?

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