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December 18, 2018

African Grey chick

I am Muhammad Faizan Zafar from Pakistan, I just visiting your website(LafeberVet). This is very informative for me, I need this type of information for my grey parrot chick.
I wana know about my grey chick, I give nick name as (Smokey). I m curious about health, weight and temprature of room. I dont have brooder, I use gas heater for give heat.
Sir I have some queries about smokey, I hope you help me in this matter.
1. Is gas heater good for smokey.
2. What is the ideal temprature of room for 30 days smokey
3. What is the healthy weight of 30 days chick. My smokey has 230 grams before hand feed.
I attached some pics and videos of smokey for your understanding.


Hi Mr. Zafar,

I am glad you are enjoying our website. We cannot give Veterinary advice in this format. Smokey is ready to have his own veterinarian, who can answer these questions. If the gas heater is safe for humans then it should be safe for Smokey. However, a chick this age is generally still being kept in a container on a heating pad. If he is not kept warm enough, he cannot digest his food properly. Greys can vary a lot in size so I am not comfortable in giving you a recommended weight. I strongly recommend that you find a Vet who treats parrots and take Smokey in for an exam. It is important that you do not handfeed him before he sees the Vet because of the way they need to handle him. Make an appointment for a time when his crop is close to empty and take some formula with you so you can feed him after the exam. The vet may want to see you feed him anyway. This format does not take attachments so I could not view any photos, but I am sure Smokey is very cute. Enjoy this time you have raising him.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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