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July 13, 2020

African Grey Health

My parrot is almost 1.5 years old. He is really loving and calm. However he excretes waste a lot. After every few minutes he excretes. And another thing that worries me is that he tries to fly but hasn’t quite learned the balance, so he bumps his beak and wings into walls which I’m teally worried about because the tip of his beak is broken.


Hi Amna,

If your bird has not been seen by an Avian Vet, I would recommend that you take him in for some testing. I would particularly recommend testing for Avian bornavirus and polyoma. I’m a bit concerned at the combination of frequent elimination along with the flight issues. While both of these things can have different causes, it is best to rule out an underlying disease first. If you are feeding him a mostly moist diet such as a mash, fruits, veggies and very few pellets or seeds or nuts, then frequent poops are probably normal. The ideal diet is a nutritionally balanced diet such as pellets or our foraging foods, with veggies, fruits and nuts as a small percentage offered along with the staple diet. I’ll post our diet guide below. As far as the flying goes, it is definitely not good to let him fly into things – a broken beak tip can be mildly annoying or if broken off too much, it can cause the bird to bleed to death. He is also at risk of wing injuries or even worse, a keel bone injury which can prove to be fatal. You need to have a Vet determine if he is physically sound, and if so, then you can look into safe flight training for him. If a bird’s wings are trimmed before he learns to fly, especially a larger bird like a Grey, they can have flight and balance issues even after the feathers grow back in. You can research flight training for parrots online to see of any of these techniques might help you with your bird. But again, I encourage a Vet visit, first. There are also African Grey specialty groups online where you can learn from other African Grey owners.

Bird Food Guide

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