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November 16, 2021

African grey Keeps laying eggs but none hatch

I have a pair of african grey and it laid 5 eggs and after 27 days it didn’t hatch. I examined the eggs but there was no development. After 1 week it laid an egg and have 5 eggs and and after 27 days it was the the same as before now its the third time its starting to lay the next egg


Hi Fuad,

You need to remove the nest box to discourage this bird from laying eggs again for now. She needs to be rested from laying eggs for at least 6 months. Greys are already prone to calcium and protein deficiencies, and forming eggs uses up a lot of protein and calcium from her system. She is not intended to lay eggs over and over like that. In the wild, she would lay eggs only once a year, or even every two years. But she would never lay 3 clutches in a row. When breeding birds, it is very important that the birds are actually old enough to be with a mate, and that you limit how many times they lay eggs per year. At the most she should be allowed to lay 2 times a year. This means you take the nest box away in between clutches. You can also move the cage to a busy place, limit her light to 8-10 hours daily and not let her have a nest. Keep moving the cage if she shows signs of laying more eggs.

Is she even old enough to be with a male? She needs to be 5-7 years old at the earliest for breeding. If she is younger than that, or if the male is younger, you need to separate them until they are old enough. The eggs may be infertile because one or both birds is too young. If both birds are 5-7 years old, then you can return the nest box to them in 6 months and let them try again. If they still are infertile, take the box down, wait 6 months, try again. If still infertile that time, then one of your bird may have fertility issues or they aren’t compatible and aren’t mating. Not all birds like the mate we choose for them. And not all birds make good breeders. If a pair continues to fail, then they just may not be cut out for breeding.

Thank you for asking Lafeber.


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