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November 18, 2019

African grey parrot need sun in the winter

Does African grey parrot need sun in the winter season can we put them out side in the winter ?is it necessary to give sun in the winter?


Hi Pinky,

Most pet birds only get sunlight through a window. Moving a bird outside, even on a nice day, can expose it to diseases and parasites from wild birds and danger from predators, especially feral cats. I would not put a bird outside in the winter. Birds do not tolerate sudden temperature changes well at all. If you put a bird from a warm house to a cold outdoors, or vice versa, it puts your bird at high risk for illness. The best thing is to make sure your bird is getting a balanced diet, especially one with Omega 3 & 6. You can also look into full spectrum indoor lighting, but this should only be used a few hours daily and not as the main light source.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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