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September 14, 2020

African lovebirds

My african lovebirds is already 2years old but until now she doesnt lay eggs what is the problem


Hi Jeffrey,

Your bird is old enough to breed and assuming she has a mate, they may not be bonded yet, or they just aren’t ready to breed right now. Not all birds will make good breeders. All you can do is provide everything they need and hope they breed. For lovebirds, they need longer days and warmer weather. They also need a quiet, private location, a nutritious diet and the right type of nest box. If you have observed mating but no eggs, she may still not be ready or she may have some other issue. Again, just provide a good breeding environment for them, give them privacy, and wait. Breeding birds takes a lot of patience and can involve a lot of waiting. If a year goes by with no eggs, the it is probably safe to say she isn’t going to be a breeder bird.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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