Ask Lafeber


November 5, 2021

Age difference

My Female Lovebird is about 3months old, up to what age male can I get for her to bond with?


Hi Marlize,

You should not cage her with a male until she is close to two years old. Parrots will tend to get sexually mature at much too young of an age in captivity. She would not breed in the wild until at least 2 years old. She is still developing physically and emotionally for the first 2 years. If you put her with a male too early, she will try to lay eggs too soon, and this puts her at a high risk of becoming egg bound and dying. Young birds also tend to make more mistakes and develop bad breeding habits that ruin them for being breeders – things like eating eggs, not sitting on eggs, or not caring for chicks. She will be a much better breeder if you wait and pair her with a male of about the same age when they are both about 2 years old.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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