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January 16, 2023

Aggressive male umbrella cockatoo

I have had my UB2 for about 6 months. He came from an individual who had him for about 6 months also. My question is can certain triggers be done which would cause hormonal behavior in January? I just read on this site how the petting, hiding under things are signs of hormonal changes. He has been getting more aggressive and has bitten me several times. He also loves to shred blankets, which now I see could be for nesting. He is probably around 5 yrs old. Can I reverse this behavior by removing these triggers?



Yes, this is hormonal behavior and you need to learn about the triggers so you can avoid them. Homones can be triggered at any time of the year. Take away the blanket and any cardboard or paper – no shredding! Only pet his head – do NOT pet him on the body. No cuddling. Don’t let him get inside of anything or into dark cozy places.

We have an entire playlist about hormones and parrots. A couple of them specifically address trigger. I’ll give you the link.

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