Bird Type: Cockatoo

Bare eyed laid an egg

So our Bare eyed cockatoo laid an egg today. Do we remove it of find a blank for her to sit on

Chili de Arbol

I have a Citron Cockatoo about 39 yrs. old. She wants to eat chili de arbol constantly. Are they toxic? Addictive? Harmful to her? After reading the article about the cockatoo that only wants to eat corn, I am concerned that it is harmful to her because it seems she is experiencing hallucinations to things […]

Cockatoo only eats her corn

I have a goffin cockatoo. I bought good food for her. The only thing she will eat is corn an sunflower seeds I know this isn’t good for her she is three years old. I love this bird an she loves me. But never was given anything healthy food she screams for corn if I […]

Cockatoo companion

“I have a male Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (likely Eleonora). He came from a refuge which shut down. He had access to many other parrots in that facility. He briefly went into a home after it closed but it was not a good situation. So I then acquired him. I was not looking to adopt a […]

Umbrella cockatoo feathers

I have umbrella cockatoo stolen last dec She was returned a week later After her avain check up we thought she had been exposed to the drug meth Since shes came back shes returned to normal acting wise but is plucking fealthers Not over preening Could this be like ptsd?

Age of parrots

I have a rescued Sulphur Crested Cockatoo so I don’t know his history. But I’ve been surprised that there’s no way to age them?! Any thoughts?

how long can a Goffin cockatoo lay eggs?

Hello, I have a Goffin Cockatoo that I got from my mother around 2008, my brother purchased her around 85 as a retired breeder I found a broken egg in her food dish this morning. my brother is guessing she is 45 to 50 yrs old. She has a plain round leg band of an […]

Umbrella cockatoo

Everytime he eats he will go to his water then regurge on the floor of cage it’s not like vomiting hes not loosing weight I do put a little apple cider vinegar in his water but didnt help


My male cockatoo is acting like he is female inside his box scratching and acting like my female cockatoo i am not breeding them

Moluccan spots on eyes

“Mollucan hen probably late 30s has white spot in each eye where the pupil is. Doesn’t seem to be hindering her sight now but I am wondering if this is cataracts developing. There is a spot in each eye, about 2x the size of the period the end of this sentence. Age related? Diet related? […]


Hi, this is for Brenda, thank you for your encouraging, insightful instruction. I knew the solution would be similar. My heart is so soft. But I will be strong. We have many years ahead of us, and we love him. Also we want the family to be able to take care of him when we […]


Clyde is our precious boy, Moluccan. We’ve had him 6 years. His first owner seriously neglected him, and his defense was to scream. I don’t blame him. He has breakfast with us, behaves pretty well for about 10 Minutes at the most, then starts posturing, and then starts Screaming. There is nothing in my arsenal […]

2 Clutches/year/past 5 years

For the past 5+ years, my Moluccan cockatoo has laid two clutches a year. I have learned the hard way to leave the eggs in the cage with her and have been doing so for the past 4 years, but did not realize the eggs incubate for up to 29 days. I had been taking […]

Is it health

I have a 25 year old female Cockatoo. She has never laid an egg is that normal or should we worry?

goffin biting

My cockatoo (goffin) is 5 yrs old and although quite tame will suddenly exhibit aggressive behaviour e.g biting. He also screeches a lot. I have followed the guidelines for dealing with this e.g. staying calm, placing him back in his cage, toys etc. etc. What else can I do to deter the biting? Will an […]

Acting different

What does it mean when a goffin cockatoo lyies on it’s belly

Egg laying

How long does it take for a cockatoo to lay an egg once the process of laying has started?

Cockatoo behavior

6 year old rose breasted cockatoo female started sitting on back of couch and putting her butt on my head – is this hormonal

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