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November 22, 2022

Alexandrine Hormonal Behaviour – 2

My Alexandrine is doing that same staredown thing but this time with a steel bowl. He’s been doing this for about a month and I have decided to ask you guys about it. The way he does it has started to look like those Indian Ringnecks on YouTube.



It’s the same as what he has exhibited towards people or other things. With the bowl, he can probably see his reflection so he is either challenging it or courting it. If he seems obsessed with it, you can change it out for another type of bowl. For example you really do not want him to start regurgitating for it or mate with it.

The ringneck parrots can get really into their hormonal displays. Sadly a lot of owners encourage this so they can post videos of the behavior. For the bird, it isn’t cute or fun. The bird is just reacting to natural hormones, but lacks a mate. A human is not a mate, and it’s wrong when these owners encourage this behavior just to get a video to post and get likes & comments. It can take a very dark turn when hormonal behavior is encourages. It can cause unwanted egg laying in females, and any egg laying comes with a risk. And it can cause a cloacal prolapse in both the males and females. The best thing to do is ignore the behavior if he does this for a person, and remove any objects in the cage that he gets too obsessed with. If he isn’t encouraged, his hormones should settle down. Parrots will always have bouts with hormones, but you can minimize the hormonal periods by not doing anything to trigger the hormones further.

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