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September 13, 2022

Alexandrine Update!

A lot of things have changed and I have decided to maybe give an update!

My house was renovated 2 months ago and my bird has fully recovered, it had grown its wings fully and could fly to the ceiling easily and once almost collided with the ceiling fan so i had do get its wings clipped (don’t tell me I’m cruel it’s just for his safety). It has learnt a few more tricks like when I’m giving him safflower seeds he makes a little sound and sticks his tongue out to indicates he has finished eating one. His cage was broken so I bought him another one which is a lot more spacious. He also has finished his first molt successfully but he has weird overlapping feathers and he doesn’t have those really smooth feathers like those birds on the internet. Could you please tell me how to maybe make his feathers look nice and smooth? His diet is normal. His poop is alright so he’s not sick, also he has learnt that pooping while he’s away from his cage is bad so he only does it when I keep him back on his cage after playing with him for a lil bit.




What a great update! I would never judge anyone one way or the other on wings. While we do now understand that flight is really important, it is also unrealistic to think that every bird in every household can be safe with full wings. I would rather a bird be happy in an excellent home with clipped wings, than dead because he flew into a ceiling fan. Actually next week our free webinar is on exercising your parrot, and will include ways to exercise birds that are clipped.

He sounds really smart. If you want to send me a photo to I can let you know what I think about the feathers. My guess is that he was molting during all of this stress with the building collapse, his injury and then construction. He has had a lot going on and this can show up in the feathers when a molt occurs during a stressful period. But I’d like to take a look just to see if this is what it looks like.

Thanks for the update,


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