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November 19, 2018

At what year can I breed my cockatiel

I have ome Male and female there about 4-6 months old


Hi Covert,

First, if your birds are related to each other, you should not breed them. You will need to find unrelated mates for each bird. Cockatiels will try to start breeding at too young of an age in captivity because they do not have natural factors that prevent this. A female cockatiel should ideally be about 2 years old and a male at least 18 months old. Letting them breed too young is dangerous for the female, and generally will not result in chicks or they won’t feed or might even kill the chicks because they really are not mature enough to successfully breed.

If these birds age caged together now, I would separate them when they are around 8 months old. Your hen could die from egg binding if she tries to lay eggs too young and being with a male may stimulate egg laying. They can interact with each other out of their cages but should not share a cage until they are old enough to breed.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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