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April 28, 2021

Avian medicines

Hello Dr Lamb, could You please give some examples on which drugs used in dogs and cats are harmful for birds? And maybe the other way around – drugs used in avian medicine that can harm dogs or cats? Thank You for answer!


Hi Agnieszka,

Thank you fir viewing the webinar from Poland!

Here is Dr. Lamb’s reply:

An example of a drug that could be harmful to a bird that is used in dogs and cats is the drug itraconazole. African grey parrots can be sensitive to this drug and may get very sick with it. Other birds can do just fine with this. Another example is the drug voriconazole. Cockatoos may be sensitive to this while other birds can have it and dogs can have this. An example of a drug that is ok for birds but may be risky for dogs is amikacin. Birds handle this antibiotic very well but it can be damaging to the kidneys of dogs if not used carefully. Another example is chloramphenicol. While this drug is used very infrequently in dogs and cats due to concerns about bone marrow suppression it can be used in birds quite successfully with seemingly very little problems. Those are just a few examples.

Dr. Stephanie Lamb

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