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March 17, 2023

Baby Cockatiel pin feather bleeding

So we found a baby who appears to be the youngest of 3 on the floor and we had to hand feed it. Luckily it’s fine now! But my male cockatiel Coco who’s the dad came over and was cleaning the food around babies beak and he started to clean his little top pin feathers but then we noticed the feathers bleeding,what dose this mean? Should we keep baby away from parents and hand raise him cuz of that?


Hi Valy,

Sometimes the parents will get too rough when preening a chick. But it can also be a sign of aggression towards it. If you have been handfeeding this chick, then it’s best to keep it away from the parents. They may no longer consider it to be theirs, and they could get aggressive and attack it. If you had given it back to the parents and they are feeding it, just keep a very close eye on it and remove it if either parent draws blood again.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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