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June 11, 2022

Baby finches

Hi Brenda

Thank you for the quick response. Yes I am feeding egg, seed, greens and some pellet food. I got everything I could fine. I’m going to check the nest now to see what’s going on. Also, their nest is open at the top but very deep so when they’re inside you can’t really see them. It’s not a shallow nest. I’m guessing they smothered the babies because there is no sound coming from the nest and I can’t see them. I’m afraid to look but next time I’ll know better. Thank you again



Hi Barbara,

Great job on the diet! It sounds like you do need a change of nests. The reason they like the hut type is because the male likes to sit on top of the nest to guard it. So you hang the nest high in the cage, but leaving enough room for him to sit on top. As the chicks get larger, the hen will sometimes join him on top of the nest. These hut nests come in woven bamboo or other natural materials, and also plastic. But I recommend one made from natural woven materials. Here are pics of the most common types:

Your pair is probably trying to make a roof and sadly failing. You can find the hut types at pets shops or online.

Thanks for the update!


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