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June 11, 2022

Baby finches

Hi Brenda

I checked the nest like you said. I found 2 dead babies and 4 eggs left. I did as you said and removed the extra nesting material. It was my fault for giving them so much. I thought they needed it. I left the 4 eggs just in case they hatch but I’m not optimistic. It’s been a few days since the other 2 hatched. I’m not sure if they all hatch at once? This is all new to me. I’ve had finches before many years ago but their eggs never hatched. I feel terrible that I didn’t know what to do and it’s my fault they died. Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll know better next time. I’m so grateful for this site so I can ask questions along the way


Hi Barbara,

Don’t blame yourself. First clutches almost always fail because the parents are inexperienced. They probably didn’t feed the chicks. There is a lot of conflicting information online about nests, and most pet shop workers just sell what the store has in stock, not realizing it does make a difference. The hut type are best because they most closely resemble what they would build in the wild.

Once you remove this nest, give them a few months to rest and then try again with the hut type nest. They don’t need a nest except when breeding. Let them modify it as they see fit and once you notice eggs, take the extra nesting material out. Hopefully they will focus on the chicks next time and take care of them. Sometimes it takes a third time to get things right, so don’t give up right away if they make mistakes again. Let me know how things go next time! Good luck!

Take care,


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