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November 2, 2022

Baby lorikeets

Hi, my 2 lorikeets have just become parents of 2 wee ones. I have a very large aviary outside with a large metal cage inside which has their box in it were the babies were hatched, just yesterday. I go into the aviary daily to feed and interact . I am still doing this but don’t stay too long now. The aviary is large enough to cope with the young ones but is it ok to let them stay together? Also if I don’t want any more babies do I just take the eggs away? Many thanks.


Hi Joy,

It will probably be best to find homes for the chicks. Parents generally will not tolerate having their chicks around for very long once they are weaned and independent. This is nature’s way to prevent inbreeding. You can try letting them remain, but of course do not give them a nest box and discard any eggs that are laid. As for no more chicks, the parents do not need a nest box unless they are breeding. They do not sleep in a nest in the wild – a nest is only sued during breeding season. So once these chicks have left the box, go ahead and remove it and that should help discourage more breeding. If the hen does lay eggs, throw them away. Hopefully she will rest after the chicks are weaned because it’s not good for her to lay eggs again right away. We recommend a 6 month rest in between clutches. In the wild, they would generally only have one clutch per year. Since these birds are outside, they are not as likely to keep breeding year round, unless you are in a climate where it remains mild all year. Generally once it gets cooler, they stop wanting to breed.

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