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August 21, 2020

baby sitter

Hi…i have a 5 month old Timneh AG who is a real mommy’s boy, he is afraid of everyone else.. what do I do when I go away next year for 10 days a month on business? How do I handle leaving him with a bird sitter?


Hi Marianne,

If you can get someone to come into your home at least twice a day to care for him, this would be best. Ideally have them visit a few times when you are there so he at least has met the person and is familiar with them. It’s not going to hurt him to stay in his cage for that amount of time. A fearful bird doesn’t do as well in a boarding facility or moving to another home. I’m going to share your email with Lisa Bono, one of our contributors and our resident African Grey expert. She will have more tips for you and may even have some referrals depending on where you are located.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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