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July 13, 2021

Baby zebra finches

Should the nest be high in the cage or near to floor as possible I worry that it can’t get back in the nest if it’s not flying yet and when do they start flying
If I can lower the nest now anyway as they r 14 days old now if its best to just leave it where it is this time round to see how it goes I mean I have a perch right next to the entrance of the nest for when there ready to come out and whn can I hold them some say month old is best


Hi Penny,

It’s best to leave the next up high. The chicks will leave it when they start to fledge. This is when they are mostly feathered but not flying well. Once all the chicks have left the nest, you need to remove the nest so the parents do not breed again too soon. You should rest the pair for 6 months in between each clutch – they do not need a nest during the rest period as the nest is only for breeding and laying eggs. Finches are not a bird you hold generally. Some can be hand fed and tamed, but you are likely to just scare the chicks if you try to hold them. Once the chicks are weaned, you have to separate them from the parents, or the parents will either pick on them, or try to breed with them in a few months. Never let related birds breed.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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