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June 1, 2022

Bad News about my Alexandrine

Some days ago, the wall of my neighbouring building fell on my house, creating huge craters and fallen roofs in my house, even in the room where my sister, my mother, me and sadly my parrot were.

We quickly escaped the house. I tried to grab my parrot to keep him with me but he kept biting and flapping, i had no choice but to leave him in the wreckage. A few minutes later my brother went into the house to check where he found my parrot in the bathroom. He had both of his legs, mainly the right one injured, his left wing had a deep wound due to the falling rocks. But thankfully he survived. His entire cage was horribly bent and because I kept him outside the cage 24/7, he flew off the top of his cage and there he found the bathroom.

Sadly there are no avian vets around my area but my mom’s friend owned lots of parrots and pigeons, so i consulted him and i was rest assured that he would take some weeks to fully regenerate.

I’m unsure whether he will ever be able to fly or not, but I’m happy that my parrot survived.

As for his health, he is eating well, preening and luckily he is walking but with a limp.

Pray for Him.



Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your scary and dangerous situation. I’m glad all of you, including the bird, are now safe. Please do keep the wounds clean and watch for any signs of infection. Even a dog & cat Vet could give you some antibiotics if needed. We do have two webinars that talk about first aid, and the Vet recommends products that are safe to use. You might watch these and see if there is anything else you can do to help your bird. I hope everything works out and your family is able to find a safe place to live.

Take care,


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