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January 17, 2023

Bald spot on a lorikeet

My 3 month old rescued rainbow lorikeet developed a little bald spot just above her beak, should I be worried?



Lories are very active and a bit impulsive. One possibility is she rubbed the feathers off on the cage bars, in an effort to get out or get attention. They are of course also very messy, so if she got any wet food on her face, that can result in feather loss because it doesn’t come off easily. Another possibility is nasal discharge. If she seems normal and active and her nostrils look dry and healthy, then it’s probably nothing to worry about unless she keeps rubbing the area. Feathers that are rubbed off can take longer to grow back, because the rest of the feather may still be just under the skin, and will need to molt out. If her nostrils seem wet or you are still concerned, a Vet check would be a good idea, especially if she doesn’t have a regular vet yet.

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