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April 22, 2019

Behavior of my two cockatiels chirping

I have a female cockatiel for about two months and introduced a male cocktail shortly after. I’m certain about the sex of both because of the tails; one have alternating black and white and the other just solid black feathers.

The male does this chirping or singing and begins to move closer to the female as to get her attention. When he does get her attention she begins to position herself into a matting stance (she’ll lift her tail and chirp while turning her tail end towards his direction). One scenario he pecked at her , many other scenarios he’ll just be stationary like a statue making no sound. They have bonded for certain as he follows her around all the time and will cuddle their heads. I’m confused to as why he try so hard in getting her attention and becomes numb when she wants to mate. Can he not be interested?


Hi Mong Kao,

Your birds have not been together for very long, so you are lucky they have bonded as much as they have. Often it can take months for a pair to get together. He may be too young or immature. Are both birds at least 2 years old? The female should be at least 2 and the male at least a year and a half. If either bird is younger than this, then you need to separate them until they are old enough to breed. If you start them too young, they make mistakes and sometimes develop bad breeding habits that will ruin them as a breeding pair. If they are over two, just leave them alone. They are showing all of the signs of bonding and it will just be a matter of time before they start to mate. When you see that, you can give them a nest box. Breeding birds need privacy so try not to hover over them too much. Generally you should only be around to feed them or check on them quickly.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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