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February 10, 2021

Bird companion

I only have one bird, 11 yr old gc conure, she of couse wants company, I have wondered if I got a second bird for her company would be good for her. I have a small apartment, not much room, and finding apartments to allow birds is not easy-


Hi Cindy,

If your conure is tame, then getting another bird isn’t a good idea, and definitely not to be in the same cage. Conures are already loud, and two conures will be twice the noise, whether they get along or not. You are your bird’s companion, so she doesn’t need a bird for a companion. Adult birds don’t have “friends”. They choose a mate, and generally this means no more interaction with other birds. They may live in a flock for protection, but each pair mostly keeps to themselves and other flock members who get too close are viewed as rivals and chased away. When two birds are caged together, even if both are really tame and are the same sex, they almost always end up forming a bond and losing interest in humans. So adding another bird can mean giving up your pet, and dealing with breeding behavior and possibly unwanted egg laying. It tends to cause issues and not solve anything. Your bird should be fine with attention from you and toys to keep her busy. You can teach her to forage for her food and that will keep her busy, too.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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