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November 3, 2021

Bird droppings and actions are weird.

Hello, this is my first question here. My bird became a new member of the family on the 23rd of October. I’m concerned about it’s health. It’s dropping appear black with a little white. It has also been kicking it’s food out of the dish, hasn’t been seen drinking any water. It also has been just sitting on the ground of its cage and acting like it’s dizzy. It has also picked up squawking at any movement near the cage. Normally just tweeting. Everything in me says something is wrong. What do I do?


Hi Alec,

I’m guessing this may be a parakeet? Their droppings are very dark green and white and can look black. But if you smear one on a white paper towel you can tell it is actually green. Many baby parakeets are taken from the nest box directly to the pet store. He is probably scared and is trying to hide in his food bowl. I would cover part of his cage to give him some security. Parakeets do not drink a lot, so hopefully he has taken a quick drink here and there. As long as he is eating, then he should be fine. He just needs time to settle in. If he isn’t eating or improving, you need to take him back to the store or to an Avian Vet. It’s possible you have a female because they often do that squawking when they feel threatened.

Here is some info that should also help:

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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