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February 12, 2019

bird is afraid

Hi,my name is dua Khan and I have green cheek conure whose name is greeno I needed to talk about him.he is a very nice bird and tamed he steps up on my finger and comes to me when I call him but the thing is he sometimes bites very hard and also doesn’t let me to pet him he gets scared and bites whenever I try to pet him. I think that he does this because when he doesn’t want to go in the cage I just grab him somehow and put him in the cage he has also 4 fellow friends in that cage a cinamon conure, a love bird and a budgie which are not tamed and bites. Please help me with this problem and tell me what should I do to not let me green cheek conure bite how can I stop him. I will be waiting for your reply


Hi Dua Khan,

If I understand correctly, all of these birds are sharing one cage? I have serious concerns about these species sharing a cage because these are not birds that would encounter each other in the wild, and the larger birds are capable of injuring or killing the smaller birds. Conures have been known to attack lovebirds, lovebirds have been known to attack budgies. Any of these birds can become territorial at some point and attack the other birds. I would recommend giving each bird its own cage, although the conures can share a cage. However, when you have more than one bird in a cage, they are hard to keep tame. I think your main problem is that the birds are all together. Try splitting them up and if you want the green cheek to be tame, keep him in a cage by himself. You should find him easier to handle when he does not have another bird in the same cage. If you check out the link below, there are several links on that page that will help you better understand his behavior and how to train him.

Caring For Your Bird

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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