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October 5, 2022

Bird won’t stand after concussion

Our Indian ring neck was involved in an accident after my wife closed the door at the same time he decided to fly through it, his head got trapped and he fell to the floor. We took him to an emergency vet as our regular vet was closed.
He checked him out and said he was concussed. The vet gave him some injections and an anti inflammatory.
We took him to our vet the next day as my wife was concerned he wouldn’t stand on his feet , our vet also said he was concussed and checked his legs and pinched his feet to get a reaction which the vet said was a bit delayed.
3 days later he is using his legs more as he pushes against your hand when you pick him up but won’t grip onto your finger. He moves by using his beak to pull himself along while flapping his wings.

No signs of brain damage and we gently exercise his legs and feet
Should we take him back to vet or leave it a while longer ?


Hi Paul,

This is actually a normal progression for this type injury. I’m not sure if he was sent home with any oral medication, but often the bird would be kept on an anti-inflammatory for about 10-14 days. Do call the Vet if you notice even the slightest decline. But other wise he should have gradual improvement and eventually he should regain full use of his feet and legs. I’ve seen this take up to a year, but that was with a bird that was completely paralyzed from a head injury. Keep up with what you are doing, exercising his feet and legs for a short time, a few times a day. Gently pull each foot by holding the front toes until you feel him resisting, then count to three and release. Google “range of motion parrot exercises” and you will find articles describing how you can help him regain his movement.

Take care,


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