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December 28, 2018

Bird’s Trust

I just got a bird and I have had her for 2 days. I had to move her to another cage and she got mad and squealed. She was ok after a few minutes and I talked to her and she started playing. (Btw she is 3 months old and I got her from a breeder. Idk if she was properly trained or not.) When I give her food she goes wild and may think I am attacking her, but I’m not. (I’m not hand feeding her, i just put the food/water bowl back in once I’m done refilling it) Did I lose my cockatiel’s trust? I am very confused and I cannot get a clear answer by going online. Thank you.



It’s  normal for a new bird to get stressed when being transferred to their new home. She needs time to settle in and get used to you. Move slowly around her and talk to her softly when you give her food and water. Don’t make any movements towards her. Give her time to get curious about you.

In the meantime, read the articles on this page and they will help you to understand her and give you suggestions on how to proceed with her training.

Caring For Your Bird

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