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November 7, 2018


We have a Sun Canure, he is about 2 years old. For about a week now he has gotten aggressive towards me. I am the person who takes care of him. He has bitten me. He is eating and drinking with no problem. Please advise me what is happening and how long will this last.
Thank You Nelly


Hi Nelly,

When a bird “suddenly” starts to bite, you need to take a look at his environment and schedule and figure out if something has changed. It can be a new person, pet, something new in the house. If he started this after the time changed back, then this is possibly the cause. Our pets don’t understand why their schedule is suddenly different by an hour. If your weather has become cold and you turned on the heat for the first time, this can trigger hormonal behavior. In any case, generally just be patient and he will likely stop this behavior. It is important not to react strongly, because this can reinforce the behavior.

Please visit our bird care page and some of the articles can help you better understand his behavior and how to handle biting.

Caring For Your Bird

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