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September 17, 2021


I have a question. So if I have 2 conures. They are 4 and have been together since they moved with is ( 4 years ago).
This breeding behaviour has happened just this year.
She lied 3 eggs ( which broke), we gave them a house and she laid 4. It is already 5 weeks that she is inside the house and today we managed to exchange the eggs to fake ones ( from the shop).
So, will she realise that they are fake eggs? How long will she sit?
Will she try to open the eggs?
What is the next step? We don’t want any babies!
Please help


Hi Iryna,

Since you do not want them to breed, you need to take the house or nest away. This only encourages them to breed again. They should not have anything that resembles a nest – no box, bird hut or tent or anything they can get inside of. No large dishes they can sit in. Also remove the fake eggs or any eggs they lay – this will just encourage more nesting. You can make some changes that should help discourage them from breeding. Be sure to make all of these changes, and continue them if the birds show any signs of trying to breed or nest again.

Keep in mind that to lay eggs, they need longer daylight, warmer weather, abundant food, and a quiet, private environment. Your goal is to reverse these conditions.

Limit their light to 8-10 hours by covering the cage early each evening

Do not give them anything to use as a nest – no bird huts or tents, no box, bowl, etc. If they decide to sit in a food bowl, remove it and replace with smaller cups.

Do not give them anything to shred such as paper or cardboard.

Rearrange the toys in the cage.

Move the cage to a different place in the room. Move the cage about once a week, or whenever they shows signs of nesting.

If they are let out of the cage, do not let them get in any dark cozy places.

When you handle them, limit any petting to the head and neck – do not pet them on the body.

If there is no metal floor grate, then do not use any bedding or paper in the cage tray – leave it bare and clean it daily.

If the hen keeps laying eggs, try separating the birds for a while. You can also take the female to an Avian Vet for a hormone implant or shots. It’s not good for her to lay eggs too often, so you need to really try to get her to stop by making changes.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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