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September 28, 2021


My cockatiel laid only one egg in the last five days, she is active and the male takes care of the egg.this is their first clutch. is his normal to have only one egg in a clutch?



Are your birds possibly too young to be set up for breeding? Both birds should be at least 2 years old. If they are younger, then this is most likely the reason she only laid one egg. Young birds may be able to breed, but they are not ready. It’s especially hard for a young hen to lay eggs. They are at a high risk of becoming egg bound and dying. Hopefully she has not retained any eggs. I am concerned if only the male is caring for the egg? One bird should sit on it during the day, and the other sits at night. It’s unlikely the egg will hatch with only one bird sitting on it. I’m sure he gets off it and then it will get cold and die. First clutches almost always fail anyway. After they are done with this egg, remove the nest box. If the birds are under 2 years, do not give the box back until they are older. If they are old enough, wait for 6 months before you put the box back up. You should remove the box after every clutch and rest the pair for 6 months. They should only be allowed 2 clutches per year..

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