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December 29, 2021


How can I get my male and female lovebirds to start breeding together ?
She does lay eggs but they are all blank.
What can I do to get them to do their thing ?


Hi David,

Your birds need to be bonded as mates or they will not breed. They should be at least two years old. If they are younger than this, they are too young to be paired or have a nest box. You should not let the hen keep laying eggs – this is very hard on her health and she can eventually die from laying too many eggs. The nest box should be removed and the pair rested for 6 months between each clutch of eggs, whether they hatch or not. Right now you should remove the nest box and not give it back for 6 months, to give the hen time to recover from laying eggs. Breeding birds need a nutritionally balanced diet, such as pellets or our foraging diets. A seed diet will not provide the nutrition they need. You also need to offer them leafy greens, veggies and some fruit. There should be a cuttle bone in the cage. When they have their nest box, you should begin feeding them an egg food daily to get her in condition to lay eggs. This can be a dry commercial egg food, or you can just cook and egg with the shell washed, crushed and cooked with the egg. Breeding birds need a lot of privacy. They should be in an area where they don’t see people all the time. The nest box should be attached to the outside of the cage as high as possible. If their diet is not as I described, you can work on that for the next 6 months. Then return the nest box, start feeding the egg food, and see what happens. Not all birds will be good breeders, and they do not always like the mate we choose for them. These birds may simply not be compatible as mates. All you can do is provide what they need and hope they breed for you.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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