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May 31, 2022


I have two love birds one is a fischers the other a peach face was told their both boys , now someone checked them and said the peach face is a girl and if we mate them the babies will be infertile is this true



Your lovebirds are two different species, so you really should not try to breed them. This would produce a hybrid, and it is definitely frowned upon by serious breeders. If they produced chicks, the chicks would also be able to reproduce – they would NOT be infertile. But again, I do not recommend it. As for their sex, unless you have had a DNA blood test done on each bird, there is no way to tell the sex of a lovebird just by looking at it. The person who told you that was wrong about that, also. Some breeders will claim you can tell by the gap in their pelvic bones, but this is basically a 50/50 guess. Many males can have a very wide pelvic gap and many females can have a very narrow one.

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