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February 22, 2021


Hi I have a pair of budgies that have mated but no eggs yes the male feeds the female then she regurgitates it back up why does she do this


Hi Mike,

This is normal courting behavior and good signs that they might be ready to settle down and lay eggs. You need a budgie nest box which should be attached to the outside of the cage, as high as possible. They should be eating a nutritionally balanced diet like pellets or our foraging diets. A loose seed mix will not provide the nutrition they need. Also offer dark leafy greens, chopped veggies and fruit. And since you want them to start laying eggs, offer cooked eggs with the shell washed, crushed and cooked with the eggs. You will only give her the egg when they are set up for breeding and until any chicks are weaned. If they lay eggs and hatch chicks, you have to remove the nest box after the chicks leave it or the parents will breed again too soon. You should only allow two clutches per year, with a 6 month rest in between. Mating does not always result in eggs. Breeding birds takes a lot of patience. You can do everything right and still not get results, because some birds do not make good breeders. But yours are definitely interested so hopefully all will go well.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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