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July 29, 2019

Breeding & Behaviour

I have got a pair of Cockatiles before 3 weeks ago. at the begining there were quite and slowly they start noising. and most of the time they stays inside the nest box.
The shopkeeper told me that they are breeding pairs. so to make it confirm I took them to Veterinary Doc. He confirmed me that they are almost one years old or more elder and ready to breed. and he gave me a drops (Amino Esel Liquid) to help them in breeding for 7 days.
After 7 days I absorved them mating like I saw them mating 3 times. Its almost 11 days they started mating.
So when the female will start laying eggs ?

And Most of the time they BOTH stays inside the nest box. they just come out to have their meal and again go iside the nest box. they both fights sometimes. but i never saw them sharing seeds from mouth to mouth like a perfect pairs do.
I provides them seed mix, bread powder with boiled egg and green vegies and wheats.. they don’t like fruits.
I hope you understand my doubts
so please help me out for my doubts.

What should I do to make their breed perfect and lay fertile eggs and make them stay out of the nest box in cage.


Hi Abdullah,

Breeding birds do spend a lot of time in their nest box. This can be a sign they are ready to breed. If they are only about a year old, they really are not old enough to breed. They may be physically old enough, but not mentally. They may still be immature and have no idea what they are doing. Female birds do better if they are closer to two years old when you start breeding them. When they are too young they are at a greater risk of egg binding, not sitting on eggs, breaking the eggs or eating the eggs. Egg binding is generally fatal and the other issues are bad habits that can be hard to break.

I would remove the nest box for a few months and let the birds rest and get used to their new environment. I think you should also feed them a nutritionally balanced food like pellets. Seed mix is not adequate nutrition for pet or breeding birds. Birds need a lot more nutrition when breeding. When they have rested and are eating a better diet, then give them the nest box back and see what they do.

Not all birds will make good breeders. All you can do is provide a good environment, nutritious diet and privacy. It is also important to allow them to rest between clutches if they do lay eggs, and whether the eggs hatch or not. If you let them keep the nest box all year, they will get worn out and unhealthy, and then they definitely will not breed.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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