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December 27, 2021

Breeding Cockatiel pair

My Cockatiel pair is mating from last 2 months, but no sign of laying eggs by female cockatiel. Also when I put the breeding box, male cockatiel only will go and sit inside and not allowing female cockatiel to touch that box or go near also. Please guide what t do


Hi Rachana,

All you can do is give them time to figure things out. They need to be at least 2 years old. If they are younger than that, then I would remove the nest box and not give it back to them until they are 2 years old. They can mate and lay eggs at a younger age, but they aren’t ready to settle down and care for them properly. Younger birds still have some physical and mental development to go through. And females under 2 years old are at a higher risk of becoming egg bound and dying.

If they are 2 years or older, then they just need time to figure out what they are doing. Some males will take over the nest box. When this happens, you need to watch them carefully because sometimes a male like that will get aggressive and attack the female. If he keeps acting this way, you can try separating them for w while, without a nest box, and see if he settles down. Not all birds will make good breeders. Some of the male cockatiels seem to want to be the mother and father, and when that happens, it often means he isn’t going to work out for breeding. Both the male and female take turns caring for the eggs and chicks, so they have to be bonded and get along well. If the male isn’t allowing the female in the box, then it will not work out. Time will tell – there isn’t anything you can do to make them get along or make him work with her.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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