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November 14, 2022

Breeding parakeet

I have a pair in a large cage and the female is laying her eggs in the bottom of the cage she has destroyed numerous boxes not sure what to do have purchased numerous styles of nest and boxes just to have her destroy them


Hi Cynthia,

Are you buying the wood nest boxes that are made for parakeets? I’ve heard of some that chew on their box, but not destroy it if it’s made of solid wood. It sounds like you have been buying the wrong type of box. I can see finding a good one is going to be harder. On Amazon the ones from China are all I can find. If there is a pet shop or bird shop near you, I would ask them. It looks like Petco carries one, as well as Chewy. I would just be cautious of any that are made in China because of not knowing what type wood they use or if it has been treated with any chemicals.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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