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May 17, 2022

Breeding problem

I have a green fischer lovebird pair which breeded a couple of times. But once i changed the cage and nest box they didnt breed. I put the cage where my family members can see them when they come out to the house yard. I provide them a balanced diet. Can you help me with a solution?
Thank you



It sounds like they do not like their new location or cage or nest box. Since they stopped breeding after you made changes, then the changes are the most likely cause. Birds need a lot of privacy to breed, so they may feel too exposed where they are if they are seeing people all the time. I would move them back to the previous location and see if they breed again. It is important to rest them for 6 months between each clutch. The nest box should be removed during this time. So when they are being rested, you can move them again where you see them more, and then every 6 months move them back to where they feel safe breeding and give them the nest box.

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