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August 30, 2021

Breeding problem

I had a pair of budgies who had started to mate but somehow the male managed to fly away, after a few days i got an adult male a bit elder to the female, (F/7m & M/12m)
they have bonded and even share and feed food to each other. Whenever the female comes closed to the male for mating he just neglects and fly away.
Please guide with your experience.


Hi Roshan,

Your birds are much too young to be paired or to breed. You really should separate them until both birds are at least 2 years old. I know they can breed at this age, but it is extremely dangerous for a hen this young to lay eggs. She is at a high risk of becoming egg bound and dying. She is still developing physically and mentally. The male is also still developing. Males this age are only interested in mating and won’t take care of the mate or the eggs and chicks properly. He isn’t interested in a young, immature female so he is moving away from her. If you want to breed strong, healthy birds, you should separate them, and then put them back together when they are both 2 years old. Serious breeders will tell you not to breed birds that are this young. They are also likely to develop bad breeding habits that ruin them for being good breeders. They may not sit on the eggs, might eat the eggs, might not feed the chicks. When a pair starts this type thing, you will never stop them and won’t be able to breed them.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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