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August 5, 2019


I have got a pair of Cockatiles before 3 weeks ago. at the begining there were quite and slowly they start noising. and most of the time they stays inside the nest box.
The shopkeeper told me that they are breeding pairs. so to make it confirm I took them to Veterinary Doc. He confirmed me that they are almost one years old or more elder and ready to breed. and he gave me a drops (Amino Esel Liquid) to help them in breeding for 7 days.
After 7 days I absorved them mating like I saw them mating 3 times. Its almost 11 days they started mating.
So when the female will start laying eggs ?

And Most of the time they BOTH stays inside the nest box. they just come out to have their meal and again go iside the nest box. they both fights sometimes. but i never saw them sharing seeds from mouth to mouth like a perfect pairs do.
I provides them seed mix, bread powder with boiled egg and green vegies and wheats.. they don’t like fruits.
I hope you understand my doubts
so please help me out for my doubts.

What should I do to make their breed perfect and lay fertile eggs and make them stay out of the nest box in cage.


HI Abdullah,

Your question was already answered on July 29 –

You should have received an email when the question was answered so it may be in your junk folder.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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