Ask Lafeber


June 14, 2021


I purchased my first budgie about a month ago. He is eating aand drinking and his poops look regular. However, the bird is sleeping on the lowest point of his perch tonight instead of his usual spot (he sleeps at the highest point of his perch every night-except for tonight apparently). He also appeared to lose his balance on the perch for a few seconds earlier today, flapped and screeched as he righted himself. His wings are clipped and I read that clipped birds can has trouble balancing, but in combination with the sleeping location his behavior it does seem a little odd. Since birds are good at masking their symptoms, should I be taking him to the vet?


Hi Henna,

I would definitely take him to an Avian Vet as soon as possible. These are signs that he is sick – it doesn’t sound good so let them know he can’t wait.

Take care,


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