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January 13, 2022

Budgie babies

Hi so my budgie laid 7 eggs. Two have already hatched and we are waiting on the other ones. If not all 7 eggs hatch should we remove them or should we let the parents take them out. And should we clean the nesting box while they have little babies inside or should we wait until the babies leave the nest and then remove the box and clean it.Thanks


Hi Mike,

It’s best to leave all of the eggs. The parents will push them aside or toss them out of the box, but in the meantime it gives the chicks some protection.

Do not ever clean the box while the birds have eggs or chicks. This will almost always cause them to abandon the nest, eggs and chicks. Once the chicks have left the nest, remove the box and do not give it back for 6 months, to give the parents some time to rest. You do this after every clutch whether the eggs hatch or not.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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