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June 16, 2021

Budgie grooming

Hi! How often do you recommend trimming a budgie’s beak and toenails? The pet store I got him from told me 3 times a year, but when I checked online I saw answers closer to every month or every other month. Which one, if any, is correct?


Hi Henna,

You almost never need to trim a budgie’s beak. If it grown too long, it is generally due to scaly face mites or poor nutrition. The nails typically get too sharp rather than too long. If you handle the bird, the nails might need a trim more often. Three times a year is a good average for trimming nails as far as if they are too long. Once a month is too much. The same with the beak, if the nails are growing that fast, there is a health issue.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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