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July 1, 2021

Budgie loves living room lamp

Hi! Lately my budgie gravitates toward the living room lamp every time he is out of the cage. He loves to perch and climb on it. In the daytime I don’t mind so much, but I’m concerned because the lamp gets hot when we turn it on in the evening. I want it to be safe for my bird when he comes out. How can I keep my budgie off of the lamp and other light fixtures in the house?


Hi Henna,

It’s harder to teach a bird to stay off something when they are fully flighted. You can’t allow him on it sometimes, and not others. He has no understanding of why he can sit on it when the light is off, and why you don’t want him on it when the light is off. It has to be established that he can’t get on it at all. This is done by removing him every time he gets on it. Of course being flighted, he will simply fly back to it. So you have your work cut out for you. You can have his wings trimmed, and while he can’t fly, you can train him to stay on his cage or a play stand. If this is well established, then once his feathers molt and grow back, he will have a better understanding of you not wanting him on something. It’s the same process of moving him back to his cage or play stand, and being consistent. Birds do not understand the concept of being punished. Everything has to be positive reinforcement – he does what you want, he gets a treat or praise. I’ll give you a link to our training page to give you more information on training in general.

Teaching Your Bird

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