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November 6, 2020

Budgie nutrition

I feed my three budgies a mixture of sprouted millet, chop, scrambled egg and pellets. Is this good for them?


We are sorry for the delay in replying to your questions from the Webinar What Should I Feed? Nutritionally Balanced Diets are For the Birds! Presented by Kara Burns. There was a death in Kara’s family and she understandably needed some personal time.

Hi Damon,

As long as you are following proper husbandry (not leaving uneaten chop, eggs, etc. in the cage for very long) and the main portion of the diet is pellets – it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job nutritionally for your budgies. Remember – not too much millet for your budgies – too much can lead to obesity!

Thank you,

Kara Burns

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