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June 16, 2021

Budgie Partner died and female dipressed

Hello! I had two budgies male and female, but male recently died. Female had laid 4 eggs now I do see her going inside the nesting box but many time she is not sitting on the eggs. She is also not coming out of the box as earlier. What can we do to help her.


Hi Ronan,

I’m sorry you lost your male. If she has left the eggs for long enough that they got cold, then they won’t hatch and this is best. It’s too much work for her to try to raise chicks on her own. I would go ahead and remove the box and discard the eggs. She will grieve for a while, but she will be fine with time. Buy her some toys to keep her busy and maybe some special treats. If you plan to get another male, it needs to be close to her age and not a young bird. And you would need to keep the cages side by side for a while and not just put them together right away.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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