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September 16, 2022

Budgie problem

My female budgie must have gotten into a fight so she was hurt ard the eye .. thn i kept separate cage for a day or 2 thn kept thm back together .. but now when the male tries to come near her she pushes him away bfr all this they were fine and male feeding her and all.. what shld i do so they bond and they mate



I did see the photo you emailed of the injury. I think the female is lucky she didn’t lose her eye. That was a vicious fight. I would not recommend trying to keep these birds together or next time, she or the male may end up dead. Some birds are simply not compatible for companions or as breeders. She may have been letting him feed her before, but it sounds like he may have tried to mate with her and she rejected him. Whatever caused the fight, this is not harmless sparring. Birds should not be put back together after a fight like that. I would find a different mate for both birds. In the wild they choose a mate, so they do not always like the mate we choose for them. And some birds just are not good for breeding. I would not consider this pair to be compatible and am afraid they will just keep fighting.

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